Visual Art, Food Art and Soul Art

As August comes to a close we are turning to all things Art. St Moritz has been filling up with glorious art pieces over the last few weeks. Art Masters is my type of art, huge, hug-able, wearable, approachable, quirky and even the kind you can sit on…

here I sit in a large, bronze thumb print…

and here I am holding a giant penguin’s flipper as he does Tai Chi… So we have art scattered through the streets, popping up in surprising place – and we also have art on our dinner plates. I had a fabulous culinary experience at Stars Nira Alpina – the kind you still think about the following day. It is hard to pigeon hole this restaurant, it really is one of a kind.

Our entire meal was a selection of starters. We could have gone on to have mains but frankly the choice was so arresting we never moved beyond the starters which we kept ordering and re-ordering as we picked out our favourites. The scallops, the sashimi, the tempura calamari, the wasabi crab, the lamb carpaccio… each one with a twist  that turned it into an exquisite surprise – this truly was art for the taste buds. The setting itself was art for the soul. Simple, stylish and perfectly situated for admiring the view that stretched below us..

Am back off to check out other master pieces in town. If you are planning a visit in the near future, you should go take a ride on the escalator that runs through the Design Gallery. There are 31 photos of local St Moritz people – and guess who caught my eye as I sailed on down towards the lake….


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