Kite Surfing

This has got to be one of the exhilirating water sports I have had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with. For some time now as I have cycled along the improbable blue lake Silvaplana from St Moritz, I have stopped and watched the colourful kites skidding above the lake, finally, the other day I was drawn by the sheer number of kites and went on to check it out.

It was like some colourful music festival. The air was filled with the snapping sounds of kites and the regular thud as they were brought in to land. Watching the kite surfers take off made me decide that if I were ever to take it up I would want to practice at night when no one was about to watch – all but the most proficient looked out of their depth and rather ungainely until they finally stopped flopping about in the water and took off! But oh the thrill once they did!

The kites themselves sat like giant bats on the shoreside, impressive with their inflated tubing around the edges and intricate patterns – just watching the guys on the ground getting them in the air before going into the water is breath taking, then after they have thrown their board into the lake they have the challenge of keeping the kite from ripping their arms out of the socket and not letting the board drift off without them, never mind the added issue of not getting tangled with your neighbours – as I said – best practiced on a quiet day!


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