Steam on the water and glaciers up ahead

Last week’s Match Race was held in quite extreme conditions. There were snow flurries on the lake and as a result of the sudden drop in temperature steam started whirling around the yachts as they raced across the lake – give them their due they stuck at it but we opted for a more genteel pass time and headed inland to catch a horse drawn carriage to take us up Val Roseg to the foot of the glacier.

In Winter they use horse drawn sleighs to trudge the 7kms through the pine forest but the 6 snow flakes that had got in the way of the Match Race had not yet turned Val Roseg into a Winter Wonderland so we cosied up in the Summer carriages and snuggled under warm blankets to watch the stunning countryside unfold. On one side the ice blue frothy river rushed by and on the other the tall velvety pines gave off wafts of heady scent.

After an hour we broke out of the forest and into the plains looking straight up at the impressive Bernina Massif and the glacier. We opted to walk back – a little stiff legged to start with but soon got going.

We got soggy feet within the first half hour as the ice melt seemed to be cutting rivulets across the plain on their way to feed the river but eventually we struck out onto a higher path that was beautifully groomed and sign posted and even had areas where you could work out if you felt you had not been giving all your muscle groups a good going over!

It took us 2 hours to get back out – by then the Match Race was well and truly over so we were compelled to go check out the Roo Bar where we knew we would catch up with a few of them to get their take on the day!


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