Dangling over the void

I recently discovered just how important it is to contextualise a conversation when deciding and planning an extreme excursion. There are those who believe a short walk through woodland is strenuous and then those who jump out of small planes on Sunday afternoons and think nothing of it. I fall between the two really with a leaning towards stretching my boundaries… but not toooo far!

So when Markus suggested we have a go at the Via Ferrata on Piz Trovat I didn’t think to google it and check it out myself. Actually when he asked if I minded heights and I said well I’m ok really, I should have given some thought to what I deem acceptable heights and what he, a true-blood Swiss used to high altitudes and sheer drops, meant by ‘heights’ – it is all relative after all!

I only got to google Piz Trovat when I returned and I was breathing more normally and as a consequence I have to apologise for the fact that these images are not personally brought to you by moi – my hands were too busy gripping the crampons to let go and take out my camera which no doubt I would have dropped anyway! Needless to say it was a memorable experience – truly stunning and I even dreamt of it that night it was so embedded in my psyche.

The whole point is to go beyond your comfort zone and as we clambered up and over the rock face with only the sound of the wind whistling and my teeth chattering I can confidently say my comfort zone was being well and truly stretched!


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