Prada pooch goes on a diet

It can be a tough life being a dog – especially if you live in St Moritz and are the animal muse of a shop such as Prada. That is Tanya’s lot. Just on a year ago I blogged about her in Tanya the posh Prada pooch, a regular at the Hauser shop.

Her daily treat was a warm, buttery gipfeli which she would take out with her in our trademark blue and white striped bag. Well things have changed and Tanya has had to go on a diet due to excessive gifeli consumption and not quite enough mountain climbing!

She is hoping that she will be able to resume her traditional treat before Christmas so for the time being she is on a strict diet of dog food only

and her lovely owner is having to eat her share of the Hauser pastries in the meantime which of course is trying!

I would just like to add for the record that whilst this story is true the real Tanya was NOT available for comment or photos hence these random illustrations that hopefully explain her plight … we will keep you updated on her progress!


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