Sleeping with Moon Wood

When Markus and Marinda first told me of their project to create a very special guest room which would be panelled with Moon Wood, the mere thought of it made me feel quite dreamy. Actually, I had no idea whatsoever about mood wood so had to go off and dig around. Turns out that moon wood dates back to our ancestors who cut lumber exclusively in the winter and then only at certain times in accordance with the phases of the moon. The actual encyclopedic definition is wood that, according to tradition, exhibits outstanding and unique characteristics when felled during certain phases of the moon.

For centuries lumber was cut according to moon-related felling guidelines passed down through generations which apparently proved useful for other professions in the timber industry. The whole point is far less romantic than it actually sounds – apparently wood cut according to these guidelines has less moisture loss, less shrinkage, fewer knots, less twists, a uniform structure and appearance. But actually a moon wood bedroom is said to have particular soporific qualities – the pine oil gently seeps out over years giving a wonderful warm fragrance which is relaxing as well as antibacterial and the wood finished room has a particular acoustic quality that promotes tranquility. When you step into the room and close the door shut you get a sense of walking into the peace of a high-altitude pine forest.

Hans-Jorg Ruch, the architect who developed the special room at Hauser’s has worked on a number of projects using moon wood and given that his favourite pass time is trekking  through the pine forest he certainly does have an affinity for this fabulous material. His unique touch runs throughout the room,  in the styling, the lighting, the use of space and form – this certainly is not just another hotel room, this is the Hauser Moon Wood room and worth booking well in advance!!


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