Singing Switzerland

You know it is not all cow bells and yodelling up here in the Swiss mountains! I am sure that by now I have given sufficient air time to all the wonderful jazz they showcase throughout the year, the jazz brunches, the cosy Dracula Club soirees, the sultry nights at the Miles Davis Lounge, for you to know this place vibrates good music.

So just when I thought there was a dip in the musical entertainment, I have been told to gear up for Pontresina’s annual Autumn event called ‘Voices on the Top’. It kicks off next week, on the 11th and goes on to the 14th and will be held at a number of venues in Pontresina, starting with the Rondo Convention and Event Centre. They will have a range of well-known musicians and singers through to total newcomers and if they are true to form it will be yet another quality act.

I have never known a nation like it for singing! Whilst the Italians do love breaking into spontaneous song at any given opportunity, the Swiss on the other hand almost use music as an extension to how they express every day life. Marinda Hauser told me once that when Markus was a young man – yep younger man than he is now! – he and his friends spent many a Friday and Saturday evening going from bar to bar singing – for their beer. And I have heard him sing, I would buy him a beer too! Whilst most young kids these days would rather forgo the beer than spontaneously sing in a public place, these young Swiss men made it a hobby…. little wonder then the energy they put into ensuring music is part of their every day life!


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