Checking out the latest schnapps arrival

Technically speaking, schnapps is a fruit brandy, spelt Schnaps in German, but the English add an extra p for good looks! Either way a rather exciting new range has just reached the Hauser’s and is going down a treat.

One lone Swiss Italian, Luciano Beretta has breathed new life into a local ancient distillery which dates back to 1792 in Val Mustair.

Luciano produces a range of award winning liqueurs using only local fruits, herbs and roots. At 1700 meters above sea level his is the highest distillery in the world. Luciano attraction to the old distillery goes back to when he was a boy cycling in the area he got lost – as night fell he found a house with lights on where he went and asked for directions. As in all good stories he fell in love with the daughter of the De Carli family who happened to be living in the distillery and later married her.

You simply can’t have a good brand without a good story and Luciano’s certainly ticks all the right boxes, from romance and passion to picking his own edelweiss and gathering the roots to make his schnapps. All of which is contained in beautiful bottles that perfectly conjur up his ‘Engiadinaisa’ style.

OK – so now I have banged on about the context, the brand and the packaging, let’s give them a go…. well first off the delicate colours are almost luminous and as you take your first inhalation you get a gentle hit – nothing that slams into your nostrils. They are gentle on the tongue too – smooth and rounded. I can’t say I got an edelweiss flavour per se because frankly I have no idea what edelweiss should taste of but there was a freshness that was lovely. Each one has its own delicate mix of flavours but you need to try one a night really or you risk getting confused!


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