From dismal mixers to show-stealers

Up until recently I had never really given much thought to the mixers I drowned my drinks with – like most people I guess it was something I had been doing for years without ever thinking twice. I say that yet believed that some spirits were just too special to dilute with anything at all. Then I discovered Fever Tree – a range of mixers that make you re-think what has been a habit for years – pouring any old mixer over your drink.

At the risk of sounding evangelical – or, worse still, like an ad, I have to say they do deliver what they say on the bottle….in spades. For a start the majority of mixers are preserved with sodium benzoate – that alone sounds revolting and they use cheap aromatics and artificial sweeteners all of which combine to affect the tasting experience.

Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water launched the brand, so called due to ‘Fever Tree’ being the colloquial name for the Cinchona Tree in which quinine, a key ingredient for tonic, is found. The range then blossomed to include an award-winning Bitter Lemon, a Lemonade, a Ginger Ale and a Ginger Beer  and the world’s first all-natural lower calorie tonic water.

See what I mean about becoming evangelical – all I can say is try it. My first taste experience was sitting watching the sun set out on the Roo Bar – actually you can’t quite watch the sun set as much as enjoy the light slowly dim and the bright blue sky turn to cobalt, but sitting there wrapped in a soft red blanket sipping a whole new gin and tonic experience is lovely – never mind the fact that all the ingredients are natural, carefully sourced and blended, they have even focused on the bubbles which are ‘champagne style’ – the only way to mix my drinks from now on!


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