Sun soaked to snow

One of the best things about Europe is the way you can jump in your car and go from Summer to Winter in a day – or vis versa for that matter. Travelling back to St Moritz from Sardegna was just such an experience. Having spent an idyllic 2 weeks at Simius Playa in Sardegna returning back up to the mountains entailed travelling beyond Como to the very tip of the lake and then quite literally waving goodbye to the warm weather as we started climbing up into the soaring mountains.

But never mind the drop in temperature – the Autumn colours as we skimmed through the Engadine Valley were breathtaking. The sky was a perfect cobalt and the air was crystal clear – the perfect welcome back to our beautiful mountains.

Ski slopes are opening up and right now you can ski up at Diavolezza in the morning and come down and sail on the lake in the afternoon.

So whilst we felt we left a little of our hearts behind in the warm emerald waters of Villasimius, we are ready to crack on with the fun the Winter season is already promising!


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