I don’t give a monkey’s (47) – Iced gin and snow flakes

The ruler doesn’t lie – 30 cms of snow smack bang in the very centre of St Moritz – at this rate we will have to bring the famous City Race forward! Unlike last year when we had to make our own snow for the event!! This time it almost feels like we have skipped Autumn and gone straight into Winter. Still, this is what St Moritz is all about, this is the beginning of the serious stuff, snowboarders and skiers are already arriving, bright eyed and keen as mustard!And as ever we have been pulling together a few novelties for the Season, I have told you all about those velvety schnapps from the world’s highest distillery, now I want to let you into another first – smooth-as-you-like gin. Monkey 47 is a superb gin from the Black Forest – it tastes pure, crisp and clean – no doubt due to its 47 handpicked ingredients – all from the ‘Shwarzwald’.  Once you have had your first sip you will want to find out more about the origins of this one so do go check it out for yourself!

This is the first time I have enjoyed my gin neat, mind you it goes down pretty well with one of those Fever Tree Tonics too….


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