Living in a snow globe!

Having just dashed back from a quick trip over the border to the warmer climes of Italy I was struck how wonderfully cosy and snowy all things are up here on the mountain. One minute I was sitting by the lake in Como having a coffee and the next I am planning my first ski trip of the Season. It’s a little like stepping through into a parallel universe!

As it is the first ski session for a few months we decided we would kick off  ‘traditional style’ – the way they used to do it before gondolas and chair lifts made for a lot less hard work! We put furs on our skis and walked to Corviglia and skied down from there…

Admiring the ‘sink hole’ which the snow machines have sculpted on the way we ploughed through thick, glorious snow ruminating on the fact that in the days when people walked up the slopes they didn’t have snow machines either – nowadays you can check their progress too and decide where best to venture.

So welcome to our fabulous snow globe – one shake and we are a perfect fluffy white – ready for the Winter fun….


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