City Race Fever

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Switzerland is the ideal place to be born in 2013 – it has the best quality of life, most stable economy and secure job opportunities. What it didn’t mention is that the people are some of the friendliest, that everything really does run like clockwork (Swiss clockwork of course) and that there is little doubt where the best skiing and snowboarding is to be enjoyed.

Right now St Moritz is gearing up for their 5th Street Race which takes place next Friday – the 30th. This time the conditions are good – last year they had to make their own snow!

The actual City Race will be a hugely exciting event that takes place over the whole weekend – this is where you get to put your skis on and shoot down the centre of the town. Actually the course has changed somewhat and will start at the Chantarellabahn station,

go passed the Ski Service Corvatschthen cross the School House Square (Schulhausplatz)

and finish between the Crystal Hotel and the Wega Bookstore – very much on our doorstep too!

There will be competitions, freestyle events, live music and plenty of champagne not to mention the Roo Bar’s famous Gluhwein. This year they are also adding a Winter Fashion Parade and a series of After-Race parties, or After-Party Races, depending on which way you look at it. A perfect opening for the ski season!

Pity the guys at the Economist didn’t take all of that into account when they were figuring where to go to have the best time – it would have blown their ski socks off!


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