Some of the Top Things that take your breath away

Snow drifts on high

When the sun shines down from a bright blue sky and highlights the snow swirling high up on the mountains, you can’t help but feel good!

When you have never donned a pair of skis before and you are given some tailored, one on one, ski lessons that start off on dry land – at the Hauser’s to be precise – by someone who lives and breathes the mountain slopes…

Jessie Wu and John

…in this case John Webster, the Hauser’s in-house ski instructor from the St Moritz Ski School. When you reach the top you know you can conquer anything… as Jessie Wu pictured here confirms…

Jessie on slopes

When you decide to swap your snow shovelling duties for a snow shovel downhill race….

When you end your day of snow-filled activities toasting life with friends as you watch the stars come out over the Roo Bar…

These are just some of the things that really do take your breath away!


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