Taking a Gourmet Winter Walk in Wonderland

You know the old adage… got to challenge yourself every now and then, stick your neck out there and move out of your comfort zone. OK, possibly that is my very own old adage, but it is true, especially of this time of the year… there is this tendency to want to scurry to all your favourite warm, cosy spots and not budge until Spring!

So I was very pleasantly surprised when lured on a Gourmet Winter Walk around St Moritz. I discovered, somewhat to my dismay, that there are of course a whole bunch of hidden treasures I had not yet explored properly!

We started off with soul-warming aperitifs at Pavarotti Wine Bar which is all warm, Italian conviviality and sets the scene for a good night.

And so on we went, with our host guide, a beautiful starter at Hotel Monopol, a fish course that was exquisite at Hotel Shweizerhof, the meat course at Hotel Stefani and then over the road for pud at the Hauser’s followed by a quick walk uphill for an after dinner nightcap at Hotel Crystal.

Had I not have eaten quite so much I might still be feeling a tad peckish given all the walking around we did, but it was pitched just right. What I found the most enjoyable was getting to know the small group of people who were equally keen to explore and munch their way through some of St Moritz’ delights – there were 12 of us. Also the pleasure and pride everyone in St Moritz seems to have in their particular own particular speciality. There is no sense of stomping on another hotel’s toes, instead there is a real sense of joining together to ensure everyone is having a good time.

Well worth the effort of getting in and out of my warm gear between each course!!


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