Aussie Apres Ski and Bob Runs

Australia may be thousands of miles away, and whole lot hotter than up here, but it is never too far from our hearts either! So I am sure Australia Day will be a pretty special one at the Hauser’s.

Scheduled to kick off at ‘apres-ski-peak-hour’ – 4pm – on the 26th of January it certainly will be an Apres-Ski session with a difference. Aussie foods, Aussie drinks, an entirely Aussie atmosphere in effect, as the ‘roos’ come skiing in..

I wonder if Markus will have a go on the didgeridoo?

Meanwhile, just a short slide away from the Aussies-on-Ice at the Roo Bar, the Olympia Bob Run is about to start (21 January). This takes place on the only natural-ice run in the world. Over 35 World Championships have been held here as well as two Winter Olympics – a pretty historical run if you ask me, extending from St Moritz to Celerina. This is where you go to watch the top two-man and four-man teams competing at breath taking speeds – certainly not for the faint hearted..


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