Polo with Altitude

It is not until you stand on the sidelines and take in the atmosphere of a polo match, that you can fully grasp just how exciting, powerful and elegant it is. That magic mix of horse, human and ball is even more stunning when galloping on snow – well actually in this case on a frozen lake.

I believe this must be the highest polo match in the world – held on the frozen lake filled me with awe as the horses go thundering by all steam and muscle, it made you wonder just how strong the ice beneath us really is! You can actually feel the vibrations go right up your spine – one of the most exhilarating things I have watched for years!

Back up at the Hauser’s we are gearing up for a night of jazz and the Hot Stone Buffet – tonight is Nadia Braito and Giuseppe Grillo Della Berta….

Having stood and watched the glamourous crowds as much as I have watched the polo, I have decided that my next purchase simply has to be a fur hat – you stand out like a sore thumb here if you don’t have one – not to mention the fact that it will help keep the chill out!

Something like this perhaps…


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