Art on ice

Most of the events that are held here in St Moritz have a certain magic to them – I believe the surroundings have much to do with this. They seem to capture the imaginations of those who live here and inspire them to put on truly spectacular shows.
Art on Ice is no exception – it was stunning last year and this year was somehow even better. Hard to beat a show that is set against soaring mountains and velvet blue skies, check out the ice field as they call it…
This year we were also treated to an exclusive watch making demonstration, intricate doesn’t even start to describe the labour and passion involved – I just kept wondering about his eyesight.. just imagine one small cog rolling off the table and onto the ground…
Anyway, that fortunately did not happen and so our appetite for the intense was rewarded by the spectacular ice skating with Stephane Lambiel as the star.ImageJust had to get Marinda with him of course… and when that was over we all bustled in for a fabulous rustic dinner in the marquis –
Given that it was poised on the ice and after all is a canvas marquis, it was cosy inside and those sheep skin covers gave me the sense of dining out in the wilds of Alaska with all the comfort and luxury of, well being in St Moritz – you simply can’t beat them for sheer style!

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