Cross-country ski race

If you are a fan of high speed and exhilaration look away now. I want to talk about cross country skiing which surely does not come into that category. Fair enough not everything up here has to be adrenaline fuelled, yet somehow a cross-country ski race sounds like an oxymoron.

It is a tradition here that the first weekend in March is dedicated to ladies, be they professional or amateur, taking part in a 17km cross-country ski race. More like a 17km-long strenuous trudge, but the atmosphere is fantastic, full of light-hearted humour and camaraderie. If there were men involved I feel sure it would be a dang side more competitive! Lots of shoving, pushing and trampling over each others skis in a bid to be first!

As for being gruelling, cross-country skiing is deemed to be the most difficult endurance sports as it uses every major muscle group – certainly one of the best ways to achieve overall fitness.

Most of the women taking part will have spent considerable time training on the 180 km of elegantly groomed cross-country ski trails available. And, as ever, the views are wonderfully uplifting – so it might not be the ultimate in adrenaline-creation but it certainly is very worthy of our praise!


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