Vasaloppet (ing) Sweden

I didn’t go – I stayed put as I believe we have enough snow and activity for a lifetime right here – but Markus Hauser took part and when I heard about the 90 km ski marathon I was quite glad I did.

But what an experience – Markus took a couple of friends, a garage owner, his bookkeeper and his solicitor from St Moritz, and joined 15,800 other mad-keen skiers in North West Dalarna in Sweden. Personally I would have taken my masseur and doctor!

Along with H.R.H Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, they undertook what is the longest, oldest – it dates back to 1922 – and biggest cross-country ski race in the world. Vasaloppet might sound exotic but actually means The Vasa race. It is a once in a lifetime experience unless you are Jörgen Aukland from Norway who won this year’s,Vasaloppet which was a repeat of him winning it in 2008. They do have a ladies’ class too which was won this year by Laila Kveli, also from Norway.

As Markus pointed out everyone feels like a winner by the time they finish it! Well done guys!






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