How far would you go for good chocolate?

Very far indeed, especially once you have tasted the truly best kind which is what I just did in honour of Easter-tasting! We have had the most fantastic weather this season, pitch perfect fluffy snow and cobalt skies almost back to back and it is hard to believe we are now gearing up towards Easter.

But I digress – because what I want to share with you is the ‘secret’ behind this year’s Hauser’s chocolate bunnies. They are made with Bolivian chocolate which uses a unique and rare wild cocoa, Criollo Amazonico, which originates in the Bolivian lowlands in the province of Beni. There is a whole process which involves gatherers using horses or dugout canoes to transport the pods from the four corners of the Cocoa Islands. The actual trees are not cultivated, cut or fertilised, it is all left to nature. The entire process is labour intensive but the end result is worth it. The beans are fermented and dried in the sun.

Frankly the story of Volker Lehmann who is in charge of quality control, purchasing and transportation of this precious cocoa to Switzerland, sounds like something straight out of a Somerset Maughan tale. Lehmann lives in Santa Cruz de la Sierra with his family and gathers and ferments his own cocoa on his Finca “Tranquilidad”. You can just feel the chocolate on your tongue as you hear of his story.

Anyway this silky smooth, velvet-rich chocolate has been crafted into all the Easter shapes we love from cute bunnies to beautiful eggs of all sizes and can be seen in the Hauser shop.

Brings to mind the Easter scene in Chocolat!


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