Easter is not just chocolate you know!

DSC06289Well, the good news is that despite all the Easter preparations we managed to not scoff all of the chocolate eggs and bunnies, but we certainly plan on sinking our teeth into some Easter treats this weekend.

Still it is not just about the chocolate, Easter is a festivity of light, hope, renewal and we are looking forward to celebrating it with some good skiing thrown in… the snow is perfect, the weather glorious – here is Markus about to take us up to Piz Nair ….


I mean, when your skis are pointing towards this sort of view how can you resist…

DSC06236Meanwhile down in the Hauser kitchens the production line continues as kids get to make their own personalised chocolate bunnies…


DSC04658So guess what we will be doing over Easter? taking some chocolate bunnies up to check out the view with us…


Happy Easter to you all!!


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