Breakfast with a mystery guest

mystery skier 2This morning we had breakfast with a delightful young man who talked enthusiastically about his personal vision to become a leading slalom racer. What I would like you to do is check out this picture and the action one below and tell me who this young man is – there is a delicious box of chocolates in it for the first person to get it right!

It was fascinating talking to him. He started skiing when he was 5 years old and seems to have barely stepped out of skis since. For an amateur skier like myself I found myself asking all sorts of daft questions such as what is your average speed when racing – 90kms an hour – I must have paled somewhat because he pointed out that if I were to achieve such a speed on my fashionably shorter all mountain skis I would no doubt break something.

Actually if I managed that sort of speed on any type of ski I fear I would break something. But never mind me – this young man’s enthusiasm for the sport was quite catching – he trains all year round as you would expect, but whereas I had him off to New Zealand during the European Summer he told me he goes skiing in… wait for it …. Holland – well known for its mountains of course?! Apparently the Dutch – to make up for the otherwise total flatness of their terrain – have one of the best indoor ski parks in Europe…

So here he is in action (a few years back of course…) any idea who he might be? Remember, Hauser chocolates up for grabs….just send your reply via the comment box below…

mystery skier




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