Hand picked and local


It would be easy to simply source the best of the best from all four corners of the world but in this day and age it is all the more relevant to check out what is grown or produced locally – especially when the quality is top notch ….from the teas you drink at Hauser’s which come from local producers in  Puschlav, to the coffee from Max Havelaar….

Locally made is all about sourcing the flour for these gipfellis from Graubünden Gran Alpin and the Bolivian chocolate, well, ok Bolivia is not quite local but we get it from a local company – Felchlin – who source the best.

We have always been on the lookout for local products to showcase which is how the idea of having our own ‘gold standard’ came about. The Hauser Etichetta endorses products which are produced locally and tick all our quality and high value boxes. Being an ‘Etichetta’ scout is one of the best jobs about as you have a perfect excuse for tasting, fingering and sipping all sorts of wondrous foods and drinks.

and the regular local markets that are held here are the perfect setting for doing just that..

As you can see, we are never alone in checking out the local wares, although we do have a strict criteria for picking those products that are given the Hauser Etichetta..

So – if anyone wants to put an idea forward we are more than happy to consider it – the more choice we can offer our customers the better and it is all about creating an umbrella brand that delivers what it promises, quality, variety and wholesomeness…a heady mix!


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