Marmots and a Spring walk


ImageGuess who is making quite an appearance all over the mountains right now? Mr Marmot and his very much extended family are poking their cute little heads up all over the place, taking in the warm sunshine and enjoying the changing vista…

We are in that transition period when all that frenzied activity on the mountains is being replaced with more sedate walking, rambling and of course mountain biking. We have gone from this amount of snow…
Image….to pretty much this…
Well, OK, not quite so drastic!
We have been for some beautiful walks of late all of which appropriately end at some culinary destination which rewards our effort. Check out this pizza oven that delivered the most delicious, thin crust pizzas I have had for a long time…
  It took about 40 minutes to walk up and out of St Moritz through the pine forests to emerge on the terrace of this Clavadatsch, a mountain cabin or retreat. Whilst it felt like somewhere Heidi would have hiked to we sat sipping champagne so probably not quite the same experience as hers – but pretty wonderful as we watched the marmots doing what marmots do best at this time of the year…. soak up the sun!

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