A couple of quirky things the Swiss do – well

 Well, OK, they don’t generally take their cows to the car wash for a wax and polish, but this was a special occasion… the cattle exhibition in Aesch BL to be precise!
Horn sled racing falls neatly into that quirky-things-to-do category. These glorious sleds used to be solely for the purpose of transporting wood and hay in inaccessible parts of the mountains. Cumbersome to manoeuvre they are hardly what you would call sleek racing machines but they are funky that’s for sure!
Back in the 1500s cow herders used blades of grass and ivy bush leaves to call their animals – until one young enterprising type hollowed out a young pine tree and the Alphorn was born – it is now one of those iconic swiss objects….
And then there is Hornussen which honestly has to be one of the most baffling sports ever conjured up! Some say it is a mix of baseball and golf. One player hits a rubber Hornuss (projectile) with a long, ungainly fishing rod-style contraption. The opposing team stands in the field and tries to hit the projectile with large wooden paddles. The batter only scores when no one hits it out of the air and is given bonus points for distance. Or something like that!

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