Hay Fever sufferers try pine wood shavings

Spring is in the air and so too is pollen, lots of it! All of those who suffer from Hay Fever are torn between the delights of Spring and the sheer misery caused by inflamed sinuses, raw eyes and non-stop sneezing. I have also managed to add a new symptom to my list, a great rattling cough brought on by merely inhaling too deeply or laying my head on my pillow!
Relief only comes about if I go to the seaside, or, as I am finding, if I climb high enough to avoid whatever grass seed is causing the problem. So up here at over 1800 metres I suffer much less – although don’t start stampeding up the mountainside please, because this is not the case for everyone!
Having said that, one of the worst times seem to be in the evening and when I go to bed. My head hits the pillow and I start wheezing. Now last year I wrote a blog about the various pillows the Hauser has on offer and it was at their suggestion that I took one of their super-delux, pine-shaving filled pillow home with me.
It weighs a ton and is indeed crunchy under the head, yet strangely soothing too. There is a gentle pine scent and it does take some getting used to, but, guess what… no wheezing. I lay there waiting for the tightening of the chest – nothing! The shavings come from the Swiss stone pine which is found at very high altitude, so I don’t suggest you start filling a sack with your local pine cuttings, that probably won’t do the trick!
However for anyone who struggles through the nights due to Hay Fever, and apparently other sleep related issues – this is worth looking into. Next time you come here book yourself an Arven pillow and let me know what you think!

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