The battle of the Nutcake

There appears to be some heated dispute over the actual origins of the mouth-wateringly-good Engadin Nut Cake. In fact there is an enquiry going on as to who should rightfully claim ownership of a delicacy which for almost 100 years has been attributed to Fausto Pult who apparently brought the recipe back following his time spent at the Konditorei Heinz & Tester in Toulouse, France.

According to foodie historians, Pult worked there from 1920 to 1926 when he returned to his native Samedan in the Swiss valley of Engadin.

Now Zimmerman, one of the Heinz & Tester descendants is challenging his claim to being the originator of this well loved cake… he is asking for all claims made by the Pult organisation to be reviewed….it will be interesting to see the outcome, meanwhile, I am off to have another slice of this cake, whoever created it was genius…


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