Nuts about Nut Cake

Last week’s blog – you may remember – was all about the Nut Cake dispute – who invented it, who created it who first chomped through its delicious textures and thought ‘this could go down in history”…

Well actually, never mind that, it turns out, that quietly in the background, our very own Engelbert Hauser – as in Markus Hauser’s grandfather made his own version over 100 years ago. In 1892 he was the master baker of his own bakery and confectionery in Zurich, in fact over the years he and then his son Albert Richard had a string of  bakery shops throughout Zurich.

It was Albert Richard who was drawn to St Moritz in 1955 where he bought the Graubündner Kantonalbank property and turned it into a tea room. And this of course is where his father’s original Nut Cake continued to thrive as the recipe was passed on down from father to son and of course, on to Markus.

As it turns out, when you do a little more digging around, every pastry shop in the Engadin has their own special recipe which makes each one that little bit special and brings to mind the brilliant idea of doing a Nut Cake Crawl to find the top three Nut Cakes in the area… anyone up for that? Let me know!!


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