High Altitude training


Enough already! Too much Nut Cake and other culinary delights have taken their toll on my waistline and I have decided I need a goal – other than to fit more comfortably into my favourite jeans! So this is it – I am training for the Engadine Summer Run which is scheduled to take place 18th August. That is exactly 86 days. Or 2064 hours. Not all of which will be spent training of course!

Having done the maths, I am now all keen to get training. The Engadine Summer Run promises spectacular settings with deep blue lakes at our feet and soaring glaziers to look up at when we can tear our eyes away from the ground! We have started checking out the route on our bikes and I agree, it is beautiful. It is the bit where they say we will have ups and downs of 200 metres that makes feel out of breath – the views certainly need to be uber-inspiring!


What makes it quite a unique running experience is the altitude. Because taking a quiet little jog when 1800 metres above sea level feels the same as sprinting a couple of kilometres against a strong wind in Holland. So when I take this on it is not lightly. I ran up the Hauser’s 5 flights of stairs the other day and thought I was going to pass out… and that was before my Nut Cake research moment!!

My slight get-out clause is that I have not yet decided whether I will do the 26 km run from Sils to Samedan or the 11 km Muragl Run from Pontresina to Samedan. Will get around to that decision after a few runs and let you know!!



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