Summer Snow

Summer Snow

This is no spoof – this is our Summer version of – well – snow!

At this rate we might be opening up the slopes, there is enough of the white stuff around for a good powder run! Talking of which my high altitude training has taken a dive for the worse, with the perfect excuse of snow – but I am sure we will be back to proper early Summer weather any day now!

The Roo Bar is poised to open its Summer lounge and I have been eyeing up their fresh juice and sorbets menus which will not come out until the snow melts!

Meanwhile, next on the horizon is the Tour de Suisse – the seventh one to come to Engadin since 1992. This is where cyclists cross the Albula Pass which at 2,312 metres may just still have some snow! The 160 professional cyclists then descend into the Engadin Valley where they will rest up before proceeding on towards the Swiss national park in Zernez.

This is scheduled for mid-June, just as we get into the swing of warm sunshine and flowery meadows, and we pack the Christmas tree back away!


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