Stazersee and local beer

ImageStazersee is a cycle ride away from Hotel Hauser and yet when you get there you feel you are in the middle of the most beautiful wilderness. Having had a slight contre-temps with that late (or early!) snow fall – depends on which way you look at it – it was a relief to take the afternoon off and treat ourselves to an apero-picnic – the first of the year.

I cheated of course and took the electric bike, just because you can enjoy the countryside so much more if you are not puffing up a hill, but Nina took the proper bike – well she is younger and fitter! We packed a couple of local chilled Calanda beers and some fresh Hauser croissants filled with smoked salmon and set off.

ImageThe last time I came here we actually swam (that was last August), this time we kept our clothes on and simply admired the lake from the pontoon as a few other cyclists and a couple of people doing yoga came to watch the sun set.


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