Sweetening Summer with elderflowers

It was the Chef’s idea that we should combine gathering elderflowers with our regular training walk.  The high altitude training is actually going very well now that I run one day and walk the next, so  elderflower gathering for the Hauser syrups offered a perfect excuse to stop every now and then!

The Roo Bar is gearing up to open in a couple of week’s time and this is when their home made syrups really come into their own. The Hauser Chef claims that his elderflower cordial is quite unique due to the quality of the flowers we get up here and I can believe it.  Somehow they seem creamier and more scented.

What I hadn’t realised is that elderflower has been used for centuries to relieve inflammatory conditions, hay fever, sinus problems and and host of respiratory issues. Sambucus Nigra to give it its biological name, grows abundantly and has a delicate fragrance that is more green than sweet. We returned laden with the frothy little flowers and I swear we were followed in my a stream of bees and butterflies too!


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