24 hours in St Moritz

If you were told you only had a day and an evening to enjoy St Moritz at this time of the year what would you do? I was asked this very question by a lovely American lady the other day and I spent so long pondering what she would be able to fit in that she feared the day was slipping away! Seriously, it is a good question and one worth refining for next time someone asks.

First of all, no time for sleep-ins – you can do that on your trip home. You should be up and out on the lake by 6.30am, just as the sun hits the water. I am not suggesting getting in the water but rather standing on it… that’s right… like this…


A paddle board is easy to master and a wonderful way to tour the lake, one of the best ways to set yourself up for the day and a perfect reason to then go back up to Hauser’s and sit on the terrace to enjoy breakfast. You can do one tour of the lake and be back in time for 8am. I suggest some organic Max Havelaar coffee and a fresh apricot croissant – the Chef grows his own apricots and uses them for our croissants.
Grab yourself some lunch at the local food market or order a Hauser lunch box as you sit on the terrace – there is nothing like planning the next meal whilst still enjoying the first one!
Remember to try some of the local delicacies such as the salsiccia from the Puschlav and the local cheese from Bever.
Now it should be about 10.30am and you should be up for some more energetic activity.  Start with a bus ride to Maloja which takes you past some beautiful lakes and get off at Maloja so you can walk the rest of the way to “Lägh da Cavloc“, remember your bathing suit!
After the scenic walk to Maloja….
…. you should be ready to get in the water rather than stand on it so take a plunge in the beautiful mountain lake. Then sit back and enjoy your packed lunch, take a leisurely stroll around to make the most of the breath taking views … and by now you should be ready for an adrenaline rush….how about some kite surfing on Silvaplana, one of the ‘bluest’ lakes I have ever seen…
It might look challenging but it is worth giving it a go as you will feel you can conquer the world once you master this!
kite surfing
Which most definitely takes you to ice cream time or perhaps a local beer which goes down particularly well with some home roasted nuts from Hausers. Don’t sit there too long contemplating the day however as you are far from finished!
Walk down to the sailing club in St. Moritz, rent a bike and cycle off around the lake and through the forest to the “Lej Staz” where you can have yet another dip in the water in yet another lake. If you are lucky you could be serenaded with some Alp Horns…
alp horns
This should round up your day nicely, activity-wise. All you do now is decide whether you want to have dinner at the restaurant on the lake or meander back to Hauser’s for an aperitif on the Roo Bar terrace and dinner… perhaps a massage to sooth those muscles… and if you could stay another day, I could come up with an entirely different programme so let me know!

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