Billy cart racing in the rain


It was one of those days yesterday that could have been any season other than Summer, so when Marinda suggested we take the large umbrellas and walk up to watch the Billy Cart racing, I seriously toyed with the idea of heading back inside for a hot drink and a slice of rhubarb cake.

But we ventured out anyway and it was well worth it. The course was set up along the famous Olympia Bob Run and we walked on the actual track, shadowing the curves and shoe horse structures of the course trying to imagine what this would be like when hurtling along  in a Bob sleigh on snow and ice.

Right now it was just soggy grass but the air was filled with the smell of pines as the dinky looking little Billy carts  skimmed past us in a spray of water.

Gravity is the only means of acceleration in this race and there is plenty of it. The bravest little drivers (as this is for kids after all) are those who barely touch their brakes and some of them came squealing by, practically on two wheels, some knocking the cones flying and many cheered on by damp gaggles of friends who stood on the sidelines.

Despite the weather it was a really fun event and a nice change to have little (and not so little) kids as the centre of attention!


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