Where to go for the best Fish and Chips


It is funny really, because if you were asked the question you would probably say something along the lines of ‘well I know this great place in Cornwall’…. Personally the best fish & chips I have ever had were in New Zealand – in Kaikoura to be precise. Which of course is quite a hike to get some delicious fish’n chips.

So imagine my delight when I read a review about the Hauser’s fish & chips.  An English gentleman commented that they were indeed the ‘best fish & chips he had ever had’. So I ordered myself a basket and sat back expectantly…

They arrived within a short space of time, accompanied by a chilled glass of local white and truly I was in Heaven! The locally caught fish was fresh and flaky and the batter was light, crisp and golden. I had got through most of the fish before realising I hadn’t even tried any of the home made tartare sauce in the edible tubs – so that went with the home made fries and frankly – it was a glorious meal – satisfying yet surprisingly light… not quite so far to go next time either!


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