Sweet creativity


I finally got to catch up with Marina Fishbacker the other day and managed to lure her out of her kitchens and up to the coffee bar for a quick talk about all things sweet…

Marina recently took over from Piero, having spent 5 months working with him to get a firm grasp of his take on Hauser’s sweet delicacies. Not that Piero has disappeared behind the scenes, far from it, he still brings seasonal goodies from his gardens and checks on the progress of Marina!

Nevertheless, the reigns for all things sweet are now firmly in Marina’s young talented hands so I was curious to find out how she was faring.



As we chatted she explained that whilst she has inherited Piero’s recipes, she plans to add her own special touch to some of these, develop them further, experiment with new ingredients and some fusion of unusual flavours.

She is currently training two apprentices and it is from her ‘stable’ that we saw the recent launch of the Limoncello truffle, exotic in taste and shape. Marina herself has developed an elderflower truffle which is now one of the Hauser’s Etichetta products and her favourite theme is blending fruits and chocolate…


As she took me down to the kitchens she had me salivating as she described her current project which involves infusing dark chocolate into her elderberry flower mousse. I will say this too, nothing is too sweet or cloying, the flavours are fresh and true, fruity and rich – truly she is an artist – and a sweet one at that!


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