Racing Ducks….


It was a glorious day yesterday – perfect for racing small rubber ducks down the river… so that is just what we did!

Actually this was a very organised event, run by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Engadine to raise money for children’s charities. After a slight shaky start (the digger containing over 1000 plastic ducks refused to start so the men had to get into the bucket and lob them out by fistfuls!) the coloured birds were let loose down the river….

DSC06830… and what a pretty sight they were too…

DSC06836as they cascaded towards the finishing line. A huge crowd of us followed them along the path and there were plenty on hand to rescue those  ducks who got stuck and had to be pushed back into the flow…


DSC06843The finish line was a sophisticated affair which siphoned the ducks into a tube for collection…. the first 25 ducks were the winners with some pretty spectacular prizes, from helicopter rides to sumptuous dinners…

DSC06855Certainly a really fun way of raising funds, getting everyone involved from the little ones to their parents and friends…..


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