Take 6 and flowers in my ice


A wonderful closing Jazz evening at the Dracula Club with Take 6 reminded us that the Summer season is slowly coming to a close. I say slowly because the weather is glorious – we had our aperitifs at the Roo Bar where my drink was filled with ice cubes containing wild mountain flowers…

Ice Cube Flowers

We then walked up to the Dracula Club which looks quite different when seen bathed in sunshine…


As soon  as you step inside however the sun disappears and you are enveloped in the dark velvety atmosphere of the Club. Anyway Take 6 were amazing and the great thing about live jazz at Dracula’s is that you can perch right up close to the band and feel their energy….



It was also Rolf Sachs‘ birthday so they sang their own version of Happy Birthday to him which sent chills down your spine…


… a wonderful way to end the Jazz Season although we still had the Hauser Jazz Brunch to look forward too… more about that next time!


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