Cooking up a storm


Down in the Hauser kitchens things are heating up!  A few months ago we talked about Marina taking over from Piero as Chef Patissier and now we have Ivana Falzaresi taking over from Chef Klaus.  The dynamics at the heart of Hauser’s food emporium have shifted towards a feminine influence so it will be interesting to see the results soon to be served up on our plates!

I caught up with Ivana to find out what inspires her cooking…. we stood by her pasta machine and had a laugh about the fact that any self-respecting Italian far prefers to make their pasta by hand. She agreed and in fact her gnocchis are all made by hand… and she creates a whole range of different ones replacing the traditional potato flour with ricotta and fresh herbs.

On the topic of fusion Ivana is adamant, this can be a very fine art – creating harmony and balance by blending unusual flavours is something she loves doing but with restraint. Way up here and miles from the very traditional Italian cuisine she grew up with she has a whole new range of ingredients to work with – coriander and ginger which Italians often shun and unusual vegetables such as yellow carrots and purple potatoes are all very much part of her rich pallet …. so am looking forward to testing the new meals she produces!

To this question she replies that having shadowed Klaus for 6 years she will be retaining many of his staples – spicing them up and adding to them where she feels inspired, and then she will start working up a few of her own specialities which she hopes will become Hauser staples in their own right!


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