European Paddle Boarding Championships

ImageHave you ever tried Stand up Paddling? It is a wonderful sport – mainly due to the ease with which one can grasp how to do it! As I found out, this is no ‘new craze’ as it started in Hawaii in the 1960’s when surfing instructors used this technique to get into position to take photos. Later on surfers used paddle boarding for training and now it has become a sport in its own right.

Markus Hauser was one of the first to take a paddle board down to the lake and get hooked. He convinced the sailing club that this was something which would take off and sure enough you can now see quite a few ‘paddlers’ out on the lake most days. In fact this SUP as they call it is just about to notch up as the lake here in St Moritz is hosting its very first European Paddle Boarding Championship, tomorrow, 24 August.

The Roo Bar is transferring down to the lake for the event so the whole thing promises to be a really fun and exciting event. Talking of exciting, I have to share with you my first ever experience on a paddle board…. once I realised I wasn’t about to fall off and I unclasped my toes from digging into the board like a cat on a log, I started to really enjoy the soothing motion of standing on the water and gliding along. Meditative is how I described it to myself. Good for core strength too I decided. Then I hit a sand bank and promptly fell in – jeans and all… much scrabbling later I returned  in a bedraggled fashion – I am sure the championships will reveal a much sleeker and more elegant style than mine!!



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