Take a Hike


I happened to get chatting with a businessman the other day flying back to London after a week of hiking in the Graubunden Canton of Switzerland. He told me how his company is going through a merger which was giving him sleepless nights and he had made an impulse decision to kick back and take some valuable time out for himself. Where better to do this than high up in the soaring mountains, I could only agree!

I was talking about this with my Australian friend, John Webster, an avid and very experienced hiker and most definitely the sort of person well qualified to design a tailored hiking session to match your needs. According to John there has been a recent spate of stressed out business people who want to walk off their worries and get back in touch with their inner-self. Mind you he has a whole range of people who want him to organise anything from long intense hikes, to gentle-but-breathtaking stomps through the Swiss scenery.


And there is something to be said for climbing almost to 2700 metres to check out a water source that ultimately feeds into (after much travelling of course!) the Rhine, the Po and the Danube. Not to mention the fact that way up there on the likes of the Lunghin Pass the views alone most definitely make you put all your cares into context and put a smile back on your face!


According to my travel companion, his week’s hike was the best thing he had done for years and he now felt ready to face his corporate challenges from a fresher perspective – something we could all do with on a regular basis!


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