Touching the sunrise

Piz Nair sunrise

It seems to me that the higher up you are the less likely you are to suffer from SAD. In fact I feel pretty certain that the condition has a lot to do with lack of natural light and that is certainly something we are never short of up here! Might be that we lack warmth, but the glorious light makes up for it in spades and activities seem to be geared around making the most of it. One of my favourites at this time of the year involves catching the cable car to Corviglia and on to Piz Nair which takes off at 5.15am – way before the sun has emerged.

By the time you get to the top you feel peckish so an Early Bird snack is in order. Make sure however that you have scaled the 3056 metres to the summit of Piz Nair by 7am as the sun rises at 7.04 these days. From there of course you can do any number of things – there are guided cycling tours, walks or you can go finish off your breakfast, either way you will feel set up for the day, no doubt about that!


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