Wandering the White Lake


Swiss trains are well known for their punctuality – well of course anything Swiss is the definition of punctuality – but I had a first hand experience of Swiss courtesy too the other day. I was catching the Bernina Express and had exactly 60 seconds to rush to the platform, which I reached just as the doors slid closed. I took a step back feeling disappointed and there was a shout and the doors were re-opened for me! Made me feel very special!

Anyway, the whole point of the journey was to go check out the Lago Bianco – White Lake – which at well over 2000 metres is milky white as it is meltwater from the Cambrena Glacier. You can feel how cold it must be just by looking at it. I have admired it from the height of the Diavolezza and this time I wanted to get in closer.


You can get off the train at the top of the pass and follow the white waters southwards. If you stick to the southern shore you end up in the Poschiavo Valley and if you keep on going you reach Alp Grüm. it takes time but the walk is an easy path and the air taste fresh and untainted. More to the point is the sense of walking on almost lunar landscape, you could kid yourself that you have landed on some undiscovered planet that mirrors ours (until a jolly hiker walks past of course!)

Next time I am going to bring my bike – and get to the station in plenty of time!



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