Meet Nick the Builder


Right now our second and third floor are one great dust pile as our renovations proceed – as you can see we have taken on some pretty young and energetic builders to help us do the job! This is one of our younger recruits – Nick, who is our Portier Joao’s son.

All the bedrooms are being stripped back and  furnished with Moon Wood in both larch and pine – there is something rather lovely about using wood which has been specifically harvested according to the moon calendar. Room 406 was our test bed (excuse the pun!) and now we will have two floors filled with Moon Wood rooms.

Then it is out with the old marble hand basins – once so trendy – marble sink

when they were installed back in the nineties and now quite dated. This time we have opted for local Bergeller Granite.

The whole exercise makes you realise that as a hotel you can’t trend follow too closely and need to opt for something timeless – of course deciding what defines timeless is a whole different ball game! Must ask Nick our builder!


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