It’s a Swiss thing….

One of the many things I love about Switzerland is its very strong identity – you could stand in the middle of a field, having been parachuted down blindfolded in the middle of the night, and somehow know you are in Switzerland. It is something about the glossy grass and the perfectly erect pines, even the stacks of wood take on perfect geometrical shapes. The paths through the forests are well tended, weeds know to stay away (too high up for them up here in the Engadine probably), but I like to think they know their place in Switzerland!!

So it was no surprise to find that the cooler cabinet in Hauser’s reception has undergone a subtle change and where a once globally known brand resided, we now have a Swiss version of cola, complete with a small edelweiss on the label.

I had to try it, even though I am not that fond of sweet fizzy beverages. Whilst it won’t fool the hardened Coca Cola drinker,  it was never trying to, it is Swiss through and through and delicious for it!


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