From Bronze Age to Digital Age

Up until recently I thought St Moritz dated back to 1864 when Johannes Badrutt challenged 4 British tourists to come and visit over the Winter. As it turns out the Celts were way ahead of Mr Badrutt. They used to make pilgrimages to what we now call St Moritz which was the source of the Mauritius springs’ iron-rich waters sometime around 1137-39 – the Bronze Ages.

Now all we need do is fast track forward beyond this year to July 2014 which is the scheduled opening date for the fabulous Ovaverva which is being built precisely on the site of the original Mauritius springs. In true Swiss form they have a precise countdown going on which as I write stands at the official opening taking place in 8 months, 9 days and 23 hours…

This Sunday – the 27th October – there will be a site visit and tour complete with delicious nibbles and beverages put on by Hauser and I will most definitely be checking out progress and let you know how it is going!

No doubt the Celts wouldn’t recognise the place, but hopefully they would approve!


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