Two generations and acres of moonwood


Over 15 hectares of moonwood is what it has taken to renovate the rooms at the Hauser. That and countless kilos of cement and litres of paint. Over the last 6 weeks two generations of Hausers, Ruchs and Romingers have joined forces to work on this exciting project, not to mention most of the Hauser staff from the waiters to the portiers…


Andy Ruch has been working alongside his father Hansjorg as the architect and project manager, Mathias Rominger and his father are the carpenters who have lovingly crafted the moonwood into the required panels, beds and wardrobes and of course Nina Hauser with Markus who have been overseeing the project for their hotel. After 40 years of designer clothes and ski outfits being hung in their wardrobes it was time for a makeover. The new design is in keeping with the clean and functional lines that epitomise the Engadine style, with a nod to understated luxury.

Moonwood beds

For this project larch and pine have been used, each one harvested during the particular moon phase which is said to make it most resistant and less likely to warp. As far as I am concerned I love the fact that it is deemed to have a greater soporific effect on whoever is cocooned by this wood…

in through the window

So as the last over-sized panels of wood are hauled up by cranes and installed….

confisserie windowand the old window of the confectionery is pulled out and replaced, things are going to look new and sparkling for this forthcoming winter season.





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