On skiers skating and building a legendary Bob Run

Julia Mancuso, seen here skating on the lake at St Moritz has coined our weather and our little patch of paradise ‘insane’ . She may not have won the Ladies World Cup – that title was taken by Tina Weirather of Lichtenstein – but she is optimistic about the future and feeling on top of the world – which she practically is!
Actually, Julia wasn’t the only famous skater out on the lake over the weekend – does anyone recognise this star?
Marinda on skates
Meanwhile, the Olympia Bob Run is being built – you have simply got to check out this speeded up version of the build – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJegDluClRY.
This is not just spectacular to watch unfold it also happens to be the  last surviving natural-ice run in the world as it is made entirely out of snow and water. This  Bob Run is legend. It has hosted 35 World Championships, as well as two Winter Olympics (1928/1948). Re-building it every Winter Season is a mammoth job but watching the Bob runners tear down it makes it all worthwhile, for them and for the spectators!

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