Serious exercise after all that indulgence

Life up here is frequently a blend of indulgence and extreme exertion. Good news really as one allows the other with very little risk of extra inches on the waist line. As we celebrated Epiphany on January 6 with star singing and children dressed as one of the Three Kings for the day, the Czech Republic meanwhile was counting snow flakes – or lack of them.

A last minute decision had to be reached by organisers of Swix Ski Classics due to lack of snow in Jizerská Padesatká in Czech Republic. As a consequence the cross country competition, La Diagonela, is going to be hosted in the Engadin valley as we have snow by the spades – thankfully!

This has meant creating a 25.4km track to fit the competition requirements. The terrain will be mostly flat although the altitude may prove challenging to competitors. Having said that the snow is perfect and of course the organisers are experts at creating world-class sporting environments so it should not be an issue. So on Sunday 12 January the cross country competitors will be doing two laps starting and finishing in Zuoz and crossing the famous Engadin ski-marathon track a couple of times.

This race will be part of six of the most prestigious ski events in the world: La Diagonela in Switzerland replacing Jizerská Padesatká in Czech Republic, Marcialonga in Italy, König Ludwig Lauf in Germany, Vasaloppet in Sweden, Birkebeinerrennet in Norway and Årefjällsloppet the Swix Ski Classics Final.

I am pretty sure that this will be a good reason to then indulge in the Gourmet Festival scheduled for later this month!



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